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Elemetx® EliteAmine delivers a multi-function, high-performance recovery that fuels muscles like no other BCAA supplement can to support muscle growth and increase muscle hydration.* EliteAmine features a select combination of clinically researched ingredients in effective amounts that mixes easily and tastes delicious!*

EliteAmine starts working immediately after exercise with a 2:1:1 ratio of Branched Chain Amino Acids BCAAs, Glutamine + Sustamine®, and HICA (Leucic Acid), all contributing to repairing muscle tissue and decreasing post-workout soreness.* EliteAmine also restores optimal cellular hydration by balancing electrolytes and flushing out toxins in muscle cells.*

EliteAmine is the only BCAA recovery formula to include ActiGin™ – a new and patent pending complex that has demonstrated clinically to increase high intensity endurance, increase recovery and decrease inflammation.* EliteAmine provides the right kind of post-workout fuel so you can recover faster and be back at your training the next day feeling fully recharged.*

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